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Dear Customer, we are grateful for using our services. We care about your privacy and want you to feel comfortable when using our services. Therefore, below we present the most important information about the principles of our processing of your personal data and cookies that are used by our Website. 



Personal data - information about a natural person, identified or identifiable, by one or more characteristic factors defining physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, including device IP address, location data, Internet identifier, as well as information collected through cookies and other similar technologies.

Policy – ​​this Privacy Policy, which contains information about the processing of Personal Data, as well as the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies within the Website.

Website –

Customer – any individual who visits the Website or uses one or more services or functions of the Website.

Device – means the electronic device with which the Customer accesses the Website.


If you intend to use our services, you will be asked to provide us with your personal data. Your data is processed by us for the purposes indicated below, related to the operation of the Website and the provision of services offered therein ("Services").

Purpose of processing:

Depending on what you decide, it may be:
Data obtained and processed by the Website are used for the purposes of:
- setting up a Customer Account in the Website
- providing services electronically in the scope of using the Customer Account
- submitting and execution of orders and conclusion of sales contracts for products available in the Website
- sending electronic correspondence necessary to complete orders
- sending electronic correspondence for the purposes of marketing own products
- processing data for tax and accounting purposes in accordance with applicable law

Basis for processing:
- Sales contract or actions taken on your behalf request aimed at concluding it
- Legal obligation imposed on us, e.g. related to accounting
- Your consent expressed in the Website
- Agreement for the provision of services or actions taken at your request aimed at concluding it
- Our legitimate interest consisting in the processing of data for the purpose of establishing, pursuing or defending possible claims
- Our legitimate interest in conducting direct marketing
- Our legitimate interest in processing data for analytical and statistical purposes
- Our legitimate interest in customer satisfaction surveys

Providing data:

Providing personal data by the Customer is voluntary, but necessary for placing and fulfilling an order in the Website and concluding a sales contract.

Effect of failure to provide data:

Depending on the purpose for which the data is provided:
- inability to register in the Website
- inability to use the Website's services
- inability to make purchases in the Website
- inability to receive information about promotions or special offers offered in the Website.

Possibility to withdraw consent:
- at any time


We will process your data only for the period in which we have a legal basis for it, i.e. until:
- we are no longer legally obliged to process your data
- it is no longer possible to establish, pursue or defend any claims related to with the contract concluded by the Website between the parties
- you will withdraw your consent to data processing if it was its basis, your objection to the processing of your personal data will be accepted
- if the basis for the processing of your data was the legitimate interest of the administrator or when the data were processed for direct marketing purposes
- depending on what is applicable in a given case and what will happen at the latest.


When processing your personal data, we use organizational and technical measures in accordance with applicable law such as:

•       TLS Encryption: Our website uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to protect information during data transmission between your browser and our servers. TLS is a modern standard for data encryption in transit and ensures confidentiality during information transmission.

•       SSL/TLS security certificates: We use SSL/TLS security certificates from reputable certificate authorities to ensure data security. This ensures that your information is transmitted encrypted and remains confidential.

•       Security measures against unauthorized access: We take technical and organizational measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access. This includes limiting access to information and using secure passwords.

•       Data-at-rest backup and encryption: We provide data-at-rest encryption and backup to ensure that your information remains safe and accessible even in the event of data loss.

•       Security audit and monitoring: We conduct continuous security audits and monitor our systems to identify and address potential threats.



Due to the fact that we process your Personal Data, you have the following rights:

- right to information about the processing of Personal Data – on this basis, we provide you with information about the processing of your Personal Data, including in particular information about the purposes and legal basis for the processing, the scope of the data held, the subjects to whom it is disclosed and the planned date of deletion data;

- right to receive a copy of the data – on this basis we provide you with a copy of your Personal Data that it processes;

- right to rectification – we are obliged to correct any possible inconsistencies or errors in the Personal Data it processes and to complete them if they are incomplete;

- right to erasure of data – on this basis you can request the erasure of data the processing of which is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of any of the purposes for which it was collected;

- the right to restrict processing - if such a request is received, we shall stop performing operations with your Personal Data - with the exception of operations to which you have given consent, and store the data in accordance with the accepted storage rules - or until the reasons for limiting the processing of data are not will cease to exist (for example, a decision of the supervisory authority will be issued, which gives permission for further processing of the data);

- right to data portability – on this basis – to the extent that the data is processed using automated means in connection with a concluded contract or a given consent – ​​we produce the data you provide in a format that allows the data to be read via a computer. It is also possible to request that these data be sent to another entity, subject, however, to the availability of technical capabilities on both our and your part;

- the right to object to the processing of data for marketing purposes – you can object to the processing of your Personal Data for marketing purposes at any time, without having to justify such objection;

- the right to object to other purposes of data processing – You can object at any time – on grounds relating to your particular situation – to the processing of your Personal Data carried out on the basis of a legitimate interest of us (for example for analytical or statistical purposes, or reasons related to the protection of property rights); objections to this extent must contain justification;

- the right to withdraw consent - if the data is processed on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time, which, however, does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out before the withdrawal of consent;

- right to lodge a complaint - if you believe that the processing of Personal Data violates the GDPR or other provisions on the protection of personal data, you may lodge a complaint with the authority that controls the processing of Personal Data at your location, place of work or place of occurrence of the alleged violation. 

Please contact us if you wish to exercise any of your rights. If you have an account with the Website, you always have access to your Personal Data and can correct and update it. 

You can make a claim for all the above rights by writing at the email address:

We will try to comply with your request as quickly as possible and answer your questions about the processing of your data. You will receive a response within 30 days from the date we receive your request.


We use the services of external entities to which your data may be transferred for the purpose of order processing, tax settlements, pursuing legal claims, matching displayed offers, etc. Below is a list of possible recipients of your data:

- entity delivering goods
- entity implementing quick payments
- accounting office
- hosting provider
- supplier of software needed to run an online Website
- supplier of software that facilitates running a business (e.g. accounting software)
- partners we cooperate with, including lawyers cooperating with us in the event of the need to resolve disputes


"Cookies" are small text files that record the activity of an Internet Customer visiting a website. They make it easier to navigate the website and take various actions because they enable the display of a page tailored to the individual preferences of the Internet Customer. Disabling them will limit the functionality of the website (e.g. inability to log in to the website, place orders), and in some cases may result in incorrect operation of the website.

What cookies do we use and for what purpose?

Session storage cookies

These are cookies that are used, among others, when logging in, adding products to the cart, placing an order. They remain on the Customer's device until logging out of the website or closing the browser.

Targeting and analytics cookies

These are cookies that remember information about the use of the website, enabling Customers to display the most relevant content tailored to their previous choices and preferences.

How to delete cookies?

Each web browser allows you to block and/or delete cookies.  See details for your browser: Internet Explorer , Firefox Google Chrome , Safari.




We reserve the right to publish individual privacy notices and to change and/or supplement the content of the Policy at any time at our sole discretion.

In case of changes to the Policy, we will post a notice on the Site and specify the date of entry into force of these changes. If within the specified period you do not refuse to accept these changes in writing, this will mean that you have agreed to the relevant changes to the Policy.


The policy may be revised, modified, updated and/or supplemented at any time and without prior notice to Customers. If we change this Policy, we will post the updated Privacy Policy on the Site. If, after posting the updated Policy on the Site, you do not refuse to accept these changes in writing, this will mean that you have agreed to the corresponding changes to the Policy.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email:

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